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I’m Miyya Cody, a UX Designer with 6+ years of experience applying creative strategies to design for humans and their needs!

Also an AI art enthusiast, constantly honing and perfecting my AI art skills


Recent UX Work

C Spire  | Aug 2022 - Present | UX in Telecommunications

Uniting Teams, Enhancing Experiences: A Novel Approach to Simplify Internet and WiFi Solutions

I collaborated with stakeholders and cross-functional teams to optimize and streamline user journeys in order to simplify how users purchase and experience their internet and wifi solutions.

Image by Nhia Moua
Erinle Health  | Jan 2023 - May 2023 | UX in Health and Wellness

Pioneering Tele-Health Innovation: Leading design initiatives for an AI-Enhanced Mobile Healthcare Experience

I led a team of four other designers to research, analyze, and design a better mobile solution for people looking for holistic tele-health solutions with AI integrated technology into the symptom checker feature and health analysis data.

Coming Soon

Image by Annie Spratt
Somo Africa  | May 2022 - July 2022 | UX in Nonprofits

Inspiring Innovation: A Creative Journey to Propel East Africa's Emerging Entrepreneurs

I led an team of researchers and designers at this nonprofit, devising impactful design solutions that aligned with our core values, captivating and mobilizing investors, sponsors, and donors to significantly bolster entrepreneurial growth in East Africa.

Passion Projects

In Tech & Gaming

Image by Budka Damdinsuren

Empowering Creativity: Building a Competitive Gaming Hub for Designers' Excellence and Recognition

I rapidly iterated through feedback loops and collaborative design sprints, efficiently creating a gaming web app that connects designers in competitive and rewarding challenges, fostering both community and individual recognition

In E-commerce

Image by Frankie Cordoba

Sneaker Dreams Realized: A Design-Powered App for Customizing and Selling Iconic Footwear

Applied UX research, journey mapping, usability testing, and iterative design to create an engaging mobile app that caters to sneaker enthusiasts, enabling them to customize and sell their favorite brands' sneakers in a user-friendly and community-driven digital marketplace.

In Agriculture

Image by Kyle Nieber

Decoding Shopper Behavior: Ethnographic Discoveries at the Heart of Farmers' Markets

Utilizing ethnographic research methods, including participant observation and in-depth interviews, I delved into human behavior at farmers' markets to uncover the underlying motivations and social dynamics influencing why individuals prefer shopping in these community-centric, sustainable marketplaces.

My AI Art Gallery

Round Feminine Line Art Logo - 2.PNG
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