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February - April 2023

Empowering Creativity: Building a Competitive Gaming Hub for Designers' Excellence and Recognition
World building for passionate designers

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Interaction design professionals and students don’t have adequate opportunities that allow them to cultivate their creativity in a meaningful way. Design students may feel like they are inadequate in their design skills and design professionals may feel unfulfilled in with daily work tasks.


What if we could create an app that allowed designers to break free from imposter syndrome and the monotony of their 9-5 work life.

Image by Faizur Rehman

Once upon a time...

When I first got into design, I was very excited to get into a field that was creative and fun but I was also very intimidated by the level of skill that I knew I needed in order to be comparable to the experts in the industry. As I got better in design, my confidence grew. Yet, I realized that some of my peers suffered from the same fears and levels of intimidation as I did. So I decided to come up with an app that allowed designers to break free from that shame and anxiety by implementing the gamification concept.

Here's the framework that the team used...

Design Process


Understanding our user motivations and pain points

Our research began with in-depth discussions and education on the topics and questions that needed to be evaluated. We then collected information from various sources, including internal documents, industry reports, and web searches, to gain a better understanding of the market.

To ensure that our research was comprehensive and effective, I developed a research plan that outlined the information to be gathered and the methodologies to be used. This plan allowed us to collect data that would better guide us in understanding how our users align with the industry trends and insights we gathered.

Landing Page.png

Coffee and chats with users

Since the users are the main focus of our design efforts, we needed to converse with them one-on-one to truly understand their motives, fears, goals, and other behavioral patterns that would give us insight on how best to suit their needs. The OlympUX team conducted five user interviews, each split between students users and professionals. Since we found through initial research that these two groups would be our targeted users, we wanted to gain a better understanding towards which age group was more inclined to use the app as opposed to the other age group. I was able to come up with the user interview questions and the plan that kept us on task.

During these interviews, I switched between being the moderator and facilitator alongside my teammates.

Key Questions

  • What’s your relationship like with design/UX?

    • How would you define yourself as a designer?

  • What is the biggest negative point related to design/UX?

  • Why do you continue to design? Why is it important to you?

  • What type of workarounds have you created to help you with designing/UX?

  • Have you ever competed in Design competitions?

  • If you had access to a platform that allows users to compete in design competitions, would you consider competing today?

Creating Journeys for potential users

Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 5.11.44 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-05-01 at 5.10.52 PM.png

From Lo-Fi to Hi-Fi

This is when the OlympUX team defined the high-level structure of the screen layouts, flow, behavior, and organization. This process was iterative as we tried to ensure that we followed good UI principles and usability.

New Dashboard.png
New Livestreams.png
Tournaments New.png

Lessons and Takeaways

  1. User Feedback is Invaluable: Continuous engagement with the community provided insights that guided many of our improvements.

  2. Flexibility: The ability to adapt and tweak the system based on user behavior and feedback was crucial for success.

  3. Community Building Takes Time: Establishing a vibrant community requires patience, consistent effort, and regular introduction of fresh content and challenges.

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