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A mobile app experience that provides young adults with tutorials and resources that help them navigate through adulthood.

Role: UX Designer

Time: Sep 2022 - Nov 2022

Process: Lean UX

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Image by Windows


Young adults entering the world on their own have difficulty managing tasks that allow them to be successful in adulthood


What if we could create an app that helped young adults figure out difficult tasks that they weren't readily prepared for?

Facilitating Lean UX

I was part of a team of 4 who embarked on a design objective to create a means that allows young adults leaving their parent's home for the first time to traverse the path of adulthood with confidence.

Our initial assumptions were that young adults leaving their parents home may not know how to do complex tasks such as filing taxes or simple tasks such as cooking for themselves.


The methodology used to carry out this project was the Lean UX Cycle. This method primarily focuses on experiential design rather than the traditional style of UX that focuses on deliverables. The GrowUp team was involved in an iterative process of Thinking, Making, and Checking.

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(Gothelf, 2019)

(Gothelf, 2019)

Team Members

Jhordan John
Team Lead | UX Designer

Kinsey Still
UX Designer

Paris Maxie
UX Designer


The GrowUp team started by brainstorming collectively to determine the business problem, customer segments, competitive advantage, and success metrics. We were able to:

  • Define our business problem

  • Determine business outcomes

  • Create proto-personas

  • Examine user outcomes and benefits

  • Come up with solutions

  • Form hypotheses

Team John FigJam Workspace.png
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Image by Caique Nascimento

Proto-persona 1


-Got her first “big girl” job but unsure how to manage her new life

-Bites off more than she can chew...finds herself in unnecessarily tough situations

-Doesn’t like asking parents/friends for help

-She needs guidance on major aspects of life

-Specific steps to accomplish the tasks she wants

-Needs reminders to accomplish things

-Needs help to prioritize goals

-Needs help to create routines for her new lifestyle

-Lives on a budget

Age: 19 years

Financially aware
Wishful 💫 
Proactive 🏃‍♀️ 
That Girl 💅 

General needs:
Wants general knowledge

Image by Rob

Proto-persona 2


-Grew up pampered and never had to do much for himself

-Short attention span

-Hands-on/visual learner

Going on a date with his gf and needs to learn how to tie a tie

-Looking for easy solutions to learn new skills

-Living on his own and wants to be useful for his gf

Age: 23 years

Chill 😌
Relaxed 😎
Kinda lazy 🥱
Reliant not reliable
Charming/ Charismatic

General needs:
Wants to feel more accomplished


Our team initiated a two-week sprint in which we created wireframes based on our initial assumptions made in the brainstorming phase. This sprint required us to create testable MVPs from our hypotheses and product requirements that went towards the building of our wireframes. Additionally, the team conducted interviews to gain a better understanding of user pain points and needs.

Screen Shot 2022-12-02 at 8.00.29 PM.png
PNG image-C4C77C296192-1.png
PNG image-DADFCFEF051A-1.png

Tested Wireframes

Home Page.png
PNG image-A898E049C134-1_edited.png


As the team progressed in our wireframes, we continuously tested and improved our designs and MVPs. We initiated a second round of sprints that took us another two weeks. This sprint was significant as it helped us in understanding areas that we could improve from our first sprint. 

Some key findings based on iterations were:

  • Users are overwhelmed by too many options on an app

  • Users are very interested in learning about financial improvement

  • Users appreciate incentives when using apps

Wireframes designed from Sprint 1

Profile Page - Leveling - 4.png
Profile Page - Leveling - 5.png

Rinse & Repeat

Our final prototype was designed based on final research from usability testing and ideations. We faced many challenges during this lean UX process, some of which included being able to decide on features and aspects that we believed would be suitable for our target users. Other challenges that we faced were managing time as a team and organizing tasks between team members.

Overall, we discovered that users would prefer an app that provides guidance focused heavily on financial stability and household tasks such as 'how to change a tire'. We realized that users who encounter strife amongst friends and family want to be able to learn to do things that gain them more respect in their inner circle. We also learned that users do not like to read or work hard when it comes to learning new things.

Based on our discoveries, we designed the app GrowUp to satisfy these key MVPs:

  • Achieving user engagement and satisfaction based on a rewards system

  • Achieving user retention with bookmarks/saves

  • Achieving user engagement with a 'reminders' feature

  • Achieving user retention with a 'suggested topics' feature

PNG image-894DFCF48206-1.png

Final Prototype

How to Keep Airpods Clean Tutorial.png
Section 1.png
Section 2.png

Lessons and Takeaways

The entire process of Lean UX was fulfilling and exciting. I worked with a great group of people who were dedicated to the successful completion of this project. If I had to do it over again, I would change a few things in my methods:

  • Address more of the user's needs while meeting business objectives

  • Organize time and tools to collaborate more efficiently

  • Creating seamless navigations helps to reduce user stress

This process helped me to better my skills as a UX Researcher and Designer. Throughout the challenges that I faced, I believe that the overall app came together well.

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